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Squeeze Studio Animation Services - Focus on 3D Character Animation

from the IDEA...

  • ANIMATION PLANNING (in 2d and using Live References)
  • KEYFRAME 3D ANIMATION (and motion capture with our partner Vie Workshop)
  • FX 2D-3D

...to the FINAL PRODUCT!

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Squeeze Studio Animation Services - Focus on 3D Character Animation

Feature Films, TV Series, Video Game Cinematics, Trailers and More!

Squeeze Studio Animation provides 3D character animation services to creators and producers of animated films, TV and web series, commercials and video game cinematics.

Our focus is 100% on keyframe character animation. This leads to a high-level of specialization in the art of bringing to life believable characters.


Your project needs motion capture?

When keyframe animation and motion capture are needed, we partner with our friends at Vie-Workshop, putting our complementary expertises at work for you.

Vie-Workshop - Motion Capture Experts

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Squeeze Studio Animation Services - All Styles and All Software

All Styles

Built around extremely talented and passionate animators, our team covers all styles, from cartoon to realistic. As long as it's a character, we can make it move in style!


All Sofware

Years of experience in the entertainment industry have made us experts in all major animation software (Maya, 3ds Max, Softimage, MotionBuilder). As a result, we can quickly adapt to any production pipelines. Outsourcing is seamless, secure and efficient.


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Squeeze Studio Animation Services - Planning, Teamwork and Fun

Our Philosophy: Planning, Teamwork and Fun!

Squeeze Studio Animation's own approach is founded on 3 simple, yet overlooked, guidelines: never jump into 3D without a solid 2D planning, trust the power of daily team reviews and have fun!


This philosophy allows Squeeze to unleash its creativity at its fullest while consistently delivering, on-time top quality animations to its partners.


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Squeeze Studio Animation Services - Canadian Tax Credits

Bonus: Quebec/Canada Tax Credits

Thanks to the tax credit programs available in Quebec, Canada, producers can take advantage of the expertise of a specialized studio like Squeeze without blowing their budget. This is the best of both worlds.


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