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Team Squeeze

Squeeze is all about teamwork. We know that a good idea becomes great when multiple brains work in unison.
We LOVE everything about animation and we all share the same objective: use our talent to give life to unforgettable characters.

Squeeze Team - Patrick Beaulieu

Patrick Beaulieu's LinkedIn Profile Patrick Beaulieu
Creative Director - Co-Founder

Squeeze Team - Denis Doré

Denis Dore's LinkedIn Profile Denis Doré
President - Co-Founder

Squeeze Team - François Houde

François Houde
Financial Director

Squeeze Team - Sandra Bergeron

Sandra Bergeron
HR Manager

Squeeze Team - Chantal Cloutier

Chantal Cloutier
Head of Original Creations and Partnerships

Squeeze Team - Stéphanie Belley

Stéphanie Belley
Accountant technician

Squeeze Team - Fanny Audet

Fanny Audet
Partnership and Recruitment Manager

Squeeze Team - Sarah Thérien

Sarah Thérien
Administrative Assistant

Squeeze Team - Hélène Fortin

Hélène Fortin

Squeeze Team - Gabrielle Gagnon

Gabrielle Gagnon
Project Manager

Squeeze Team - Charles-Philip Simard

Charles-Philip Simard
Art Director

Squeeze Team - Éric Lessard

Éric Lessard
Animation Director

Squeeze Team - Julien Vandois

Julien Vandois
Concept Artist

Squeeze Team - Alice Bouchard

Alice Bouchard
Texture Artist

Squeeze Team - Antoine Goulet

Antoine Goulet
Lead Technical Modeler

Squeeze Team - Sarah Loignon

Sarah Loignon
3D Modeler

Squeeze Team - Daniel Huertas

Daniel Huertas

Squeeze Team - Tad Topping

Tad Topping

Squeeze Team - Marc-André Carrier

Marc-André Carrier

Squeeze Team - Étienne Dubois

Étienne Dubois

Squeeze Team - Matt Desjardins

Matt Desjardins

Squeeze Team - Charles Corriveau

Charles Corriveau

Squeeze Team - Fanny-Ann St-Pierre

Fanny-Ann St-Pierre

Squeeze Team - Patrick Carrier

Patrick Carrier

Squeeze Team - Renaud Lessard Larouche

Renaud Lessard Larouche
Technical Director - CG Pipeline

Squeeze Team - Sébastien Bourgoing

Sébastien Bourgoing
Technical Director

Squeeze Team - Nohra Seif

Nohra Seif
Technical Director

Squeeze Team - Marie-Christine Marineau

Marie-Christine Marineau
Lead Rigging Artist

Squeeze Team - Jonathan Simard

Jonathan Simard

Squeeze Team - Felipe Sanges Soares

Felipe Sanges Soares
Rigging Artist

Squeeze Team - Maxime Ricbourg

Maxime Ricbourg
TD FX - FX Artist

Squeeze Team - Caroline Dumais

Caroline Dumais
3D Generalist Artist

Squeeze Team - Frédérik-André Savard

Frédérik-André Savard
Compositing Artist

Squeeze Team - Dave Bouchard

Dave Bouchard
System Administrator

Squeeze Team - Simon Loignon

Simon Loignon
IT & Logistic Support

Got Talent?

Squeeze is always on the look for exceptional people: talented, motivated and crazy about animation.
Send your Demo reel and CV at: jobs@squeezestudio.com

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