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  • Animation Insiders Animation Insiders Animation Insiders Created by Patrick Beaulieu, Squeeze Studio Animation’s co-founder, Animation Insiders is a very unique book everyone should read. If you are looking to acquire new tricks and techniques from the best of the best and willing to surpass your limits or if you are simply passionate about all things animation, Animation Insiders is for you.
  • Animation Insiders Details... Animation Insiders Details... Animation Insiders Animation Insiders is packed with know-hows, experiences and anecdotes from 13 world-renowned talented animators. It offers a brand new approach by compiling the various work methods of many different artists.
    In the industry, this is what we call "gold." - Andrew Gordon

  • Andrew Gordon Andrew Gordon Andrew Gordon
  • Mike Nguyen Mike Nguyen Mike Nguyen
  • Émile Ghorayeb Émile Ghorayeb Émile Ghorayeb
  • Pablo Navarro Pablo Navarro Pablo Navarro
  • Jason Ryan Jason Ryan Jason Ryan
  • Jason Martinsen Jason Martinsen Jason Martinsen
  • Ana Maria Alvarado Ana Maria Alvarado Ana Maria Alvarado
  • Reno Armanet Reno Armanet Reno Armanet
  • Jason Schleifer Jason Schleifer Jason Schleifer
  • Pedro Blumenbaum Pedro Blumenbaum Pedro Blumenbaum
  • Anthea Kerou Anthea Kerou Anthea Kerou
  • Gabriele Pennacchioli Gabriele Pennacchioli Gabriel Pennacchioli
  • Matt Strangio Matt Strangio Matt Strangio
  • Victor Navone Victor Navone Victor Navone

Special Thanks

We would like to extend our most sincere thanks to the extraordinary animators who were involved with this book.

You generously shared with us your knowledge and vision about animation. Your passion for what you do easily shows. Without you, Animation Insiders would never have seen the light of day.

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