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  • Animation Insiders' Jason Ryan's Bio Jason Ryan's Bio

    My name is Jason Ryan. I was a supervising animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios for almost twelve years, and I am currently a supervising animator at DreamWorks Animation Studios.

    I graduated from the Irish School of Animation (aka Senior College, Ballyfermot), Ireland in 1993 with a Student of the Year award from Don Bluth (creator of An American Tail and The Secret of Nimh). I started my career directly after college as a 2D animator and worked on various German feature productions. After a brief time in London, working as an animator in computer games, I was hired by Disney Animation Studios. My first project was Fantasia 2000...

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  • Animation Insiders' Jason Ryan's Workflow Secrets Jason Ryan's Workflow

    I began my career in the field of animation about fifteen years ago; I started out as a 2D animator, and my first job was actually paid by the foot. I was only remunerated for every shot that was approved which was based on the amount of seconds or footage... so I learned to work fast. Actually, I tried to get down a very fast scribble pass of my shots first and then show it to my director as a sort of blueprint.

    I would only spend about an hour or so on each shot. Then I would get this initial idea approved by my director before I started tying the drawings down. My actual work flow hasn't changed at all since I started in CG. I was taught this work flow in Dublin, Ireland, by an ex-Bluth animator who was mentoring at my local Animation school...

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