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Les Popettes Animation Bootcamp by Squeeze
  • 100% focused on artistic quality and production - No theory
  • A 12-week – 40h/week intensive 'Bootcamp' taking place directly in our studio, from 8am to 4pm.
  • 3 main exercises to be completed in 4 weeks each: body mechanics – pantomimes – acting.
  • Daily critics from your personal mentor to help you exceed your limits!
  • A weekly Masterclass from one of Squeeze's seasonned animators to help you perfect your technic and get advanced knowledge.
  • An opportunity to let your mentor work directly in your 3D shots in order to propose practical ways to improve your workflow.
  • A chance to watch the Squeeze Team in action doing Dailies under actual productions.
  • A free access to Squeeze's exclusive 3D rig (DJO!) and the chance to use it in your portfolio.
  • Bonus - One very special Masterclass delivered by a world-renowned animator.
    Very limited spots - Small classes of 5 students for maximum impact.

Les Popettes - Squeeze Studio Animation 3D Character Animation Advanced Training

Objectives - Improve Workflow and Performance

The Popettes' Bootcamp is designed to help you create 3 outstanding animated short clips (body mechanics – pantomimes – acting)
to 'boost' your portfolio, giving you all the assets to get the job of your dreams!
We will help you build the ideal workflow. A workflow that fits your style while allowing you to adapt efficiently to any animation project.
We will give you all the tools that you need to capture the essence of every shot and create a strong connection with the audience.
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