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  • Animation Insiders' Matt Strangio's Bio Animation Insiders' Matt Strangio's Bio Matt Strangio's Bio

    Matt Strangio grew up in the high desert of Southern California, saw The Empire Strikes Back when he was 5, and was forever driven by his desire to work with "movie magic." But it wasn't until he had taken some animation classes at UCLA that he homed in on his ultimate goal of becoming an animator.

    After graduating in design and working for a number of years in web design and dabbling in animation long enough to scrounge up the courage to try it for a career, he entered anima- tion via gaming for Electronic Arts. While working there, his off-hours were filled as a charter member of the newly formed online animation school, Animation Mentor, and followed with visual fx jobs at both ILM and Tippett Studio...

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  • Animation Insiders' Matt Strangio's Workflow Secrets Matt Strangio's Workflow

    I've always liked to imagine that if Leonardo da Vinci or Michelangelo were alive in contemporary times, they'd be animators. Because animation takes into account so many different artistic disciplines and uses them to imbue performances that, when done well, conjure emotions or reactions in the viewer, not unlike the art created by those masters of the Renaissance.

    Design, anatomy, contrast, appeal, being able to direct the viewer's eye – all working together in time. These elements can work so well together to create believable characters who can, in their own right, breathe, and think, and live, and have their own dreams, and their own fears. It's a fun way to make a living!...

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