September 11, 2018

Squeeze Presents Jax, its Newest Original Creation

The first images from the animated series unveiled with great fanfare at the 2018 Cartoon Forum

Toulouse, France - September 11th, 2018 – Squeeze Studio is thrilled to unveil its new original creation, JAX, at the Cartoon Forum, which is currently underway in Toulouse, France. The Studio presented the first images today from this new, unique and highly qualitative styled series, thus launching discussion with the animation industry’s biggest players who are attending the event. Intended for audiences ages 6–12, the ambitious 3D animated series is shaped as a large narrative arc over twenty-six 22-minute episodes.

"Since founding Squeeze,” says Denis Doré, studio's co-founder and series co-creator, “we have always pushed the envelope by creating work that leaves an impression. JAX is no different. This large-scale 3D animation action-adventure series carries our signature: the story is complex and compelling, and our characters each have that special something that makes them truly unforgettable."

JAX has already stirred big reactions. Presented last year en primeur at the Cartoon Connection, it attracted the attention of European broadcasters when it garnered the title of the “Most Promising Series” in the event. This distinction led Squeeze to be invited to the 2018 Cartoon Forum—an invitation it enthusiastically accepted.

For the CEO, Squeeze’s attendance at this flagship event, which is generally reserved for European producers, is a priceless opportunity. “The Cartoon Forum is an extraordinary platform for independent creators like us,” Doré says. “It’s a full week chock-full of encounters and discussions with a wide range of partners from the animation industry, including broadcasters, distributors and investors. It’s the perfect time to share the first images of our new original work.”

About JAX

Created in Squeeze’s Québec City studios by co-creators Denis Doré and Patrick Beaulieu, the 3D animation series stars Jax who, at first, would appear to be an ordinary little boy. However, viewers soon realize Jax holds extraordinary powers. To their delight, fans are transported into a bigger-than-life setting halfway between our world and a fantasy world that has existed without us for centuries. JAX will touch, inspire and entertain as our contemporary heroes set off on numerous adventures that are as thrilling as they are unexpected.

Squeeze will start production on JAX in 2019. It will last several months, until the series’ slated launch in 2020.

About Squeeze

Founded in 2011 by Denis Doré and Patrick Beaulieu, the internationally renowned Squeeze Studio 3D Animation is located in Québec City, Canada. Thanks to its team of talented and passionate creators, the Studio brings epic characters to life through the magic of 3D animation. The exceptional quality of its productions has led it to work with some of the most prestigious partners from here and abroad. Squeeze stands out thanks to its original and impression-making works.

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