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November 9, 2020

Squeeze, the creators of Cracké, are ready to hatch Cracké Rush into the mobile gaming world!

An irresistibly hilarious endless runner game made for everyone.
Available everywhere November 23, 2020 on the App Store and Google Play.

(Quebec City, Canada - November 9, 2020) – Squeeze couldn't be more egg-cited to bring this new franchise addition to its fans worldwide. Cracké Rush features Ed, the daddy ostrich who's delighted hundreds of millions of fans via TV screens and digital platforms. The game launches for mobile & tablet on November 23, on both the App Store and Google Play.

Cracké Rush is a high-speed endless runner featuring zany antics & slapstick comedy. Help poor Ed wrangle his runaway eggs while both avoiding obstacles and hilariously powering up with hot peppers for an extra fiery boost.

For those new to Cracké, this classic cartoon, created by Squeeze, offers belly-laugh-worthy physical humor and chronicles Ed – the hapless, overprotective papa ostrich – as he tries to be the best dad he can to his 8 eggs. Of course, his own featherbrain antics are the real source of his problems as he scrambles to keep his eggs from harm. Happily, the eggs always end up safe. Cracké transcends language with non-verbal comedy giving it a perfect worldwide appeal, airing in 210 countries and territories, and has over 450 million views on digital platforms around the world, including China.

"This new mobile game is a huge milestone for Squeeze! We're really happy to expand our universes to other formats and platforms, and bring more interactivity to the franchise. It's really exciting to see our beloved daddy Ed travel all over the world again, in everyone's pockets via their smartphones" said Chantal Cloutier, Head of Squeeze Originals, and Executive Producer.

Find out more at cracke.com.
Please see the following links for Press materials and Game trailer.

About Squeeze

Ranked on the 2020 Report on Business list of Canada's Top Growing Companies, Squeeze is an animation studio located in Quebec and Montreal with an international reputation. Co-founded in 2011 by Denis Doré and Patrick Beaulieu and supported by a creative team of more than 210 artists and technical experts, the studio develops larger-than-life characters thanks to the magic of 3D animation. Squeeze works with the world's elite in the entertainment industry including companies such as Disney, Marvel, Universal, Illumination, Supercell, Warner and Ubisoft.

The studio also produces a portfolio of original creations aimed at an international audience including films and animated series.

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