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  • Animation Insiders' Victor Navone's Bio Animation Insiders' Victor Navone's Bio Victor Navone's Bio

    I was born in San Diego, California, in 1970, and I drew and painted from an early age. I always figured I'd get a job with my art, but I never considered creating animation, even though I was fond of drawing little flip-book scenes in my school textbooks. I earned a degree in Fine Arts at the University of California, Irvine in 1993 and completed my fifth year of study in Bordeaux, France.

    A year after graduation, I accepted an internship at Presto Studios, a computer video game developer in San Diego, where I eventually gained fulltime employment. I started as a conceptual designer using traditional media, but over time I learned various 2D and 3D applications on the Macintosh and became a CG artist as well...

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  • Animation Insiders' Victor Navone's Workflow Secrets Victor Navone's Workflow

    The first shot of every project strikes me as being the most difficult. What do I do with this shot? Choices need to be made and a lot of it depends on you, the character, and the director's idea of how the character will take shape.

    From Stuart Little 2 to some of the Warner Bros shorts I've worked on recently, I always think twice before committing to a course on the first shot. The reason it's so hard to get started, beyond the fact that you're still learning about your character(s), is of course that you are dealing with an art form. There isn't one path, one way to convey what you need in your shot. It's up to you to pick a course...

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